Nightguard / Occlusal Guard

When it comes to protecting your teeth, nothing comes closer in effectiveness and convenience than a custom-made mouth guard, or Nightguard. Nightguards are used to protect the natural teeth and dental restorations from damage caused by activities or behaviors that pose a risk to the teeth. You might benefit from a custom nightguard or bite guard if you show signs of nighttime clenching or grinding (bruxism).We can produce nightguards for patients of all ages. Guards are easy to create, an impression and records are taken at our office and send it to a lab for fabrication. We will create a custom guard that protects the teeth and is also comfortable to wear. Most guards are returned to your office very quickly where a short second appointment is needed to custom fit the appliance. They are very easy to care for – even for the youngest of patients.Keep in mind that young patients may need to be re-fit for a new custom mouth guard from time to time as they grow and their dentition changes. We suggest that you bring your appliance with you to future dental visits for inspection as well as a thorough professional cleaning.

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