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Patient Safety

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Our promise
to you

Your safety is our top priority. Each year, our staff attends courses to ensure we stay up to date and compliant with the latest guidelines from OSHA and CDC.

How we keep
you safe

Enamel Creations office space

We have invested in a state of the art sterilization area, which includes a Miele instrument washer and a Lexa autoclave for complete sterilization. Regular testing of all instruments is done to ensure everything is completely sterile and ready for each patient.

Water Filtration

We use a Sterisil water filtration system that produces distilled quality water to zero TDS ppm for use in autoclaves for sterilization. This system also provides treated dental water to keep our dental unit water lines virtually bacteria free.

Aerosol Minimization

Every hygiene room has an ADS extraoral suction unit, which uses a relief intraoral suction unit during each treatment. This device minimizes the aerosols produced in the air throughout the treatment room.


Your safety and privacy is important to us. We have secured each operatory with sliding doors to keep you comfortable.

Air Purification

Each operatory is equipped with TruSens air purifiers that utilize HEPA filtration, UV light, and two airflow streams. This distributes air more comfortably to deliver purified air throughout the treatment room.

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